In general, the process of creating a garden can include three main stages: design, construction and subsequent maintenance. In any case, any of them can be omitted in view of the current situation and thewishes of the client.

We can offer expert advice on any aspect of your garden – whether it is new or established.

In our landscaping work we can offer:

  • Landscaping and situation project, ideological and functional zoning, alleys and yards durable flooring project for irrigation systems, dendrology and planting project. We are experienced and accustomed to working with a wide variety of customer requirements, whether you already have a scaled design plan or if you are looking to us to provide some initials ideas or suggestions.

The process of building a garden. It may consist of several sub-stages:

  • Cleaning and terrain modeling. This includes cleaning of waste and objects unnecessary vegetation spraying with     herbicides, hoeing, supply of humus soil, spreading and modeling.
  • Construction of fences, drainage, irrigation systems, lane network and hard flooring, barbecues, pergolas, gazebos, playgrounds paving, decking, raised / lowered beds, edging, rockery, cascades and ponds,  electrical installation and lighting.
  • Lawns, turfing, artificial grass, flower and shrub planting, semi-mature trees, gravelling, mulching and bark chippings.


Like any living organism and your garden needs a system care and maintenance. Depending on the lawns, their distribution and species diversity , your wishes and our recommendations , we offer basic subscription fees for maintenance (weekly visits at a time convenient for you). Maintenance activities include mowing, fertilizing, aerating, rolling, edging , sowing , weeding, pest control and spraying with selective herbicides on lawns, pruning, fertilizing, hoeing, weeding, mulching, spraying insecticides, pesticides ornamental plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. Maintenance of paths and pavements, decks and fences, cleaning after work; irrigation areas where there is no irrigation system.

“ONE OFF” Gardening sessions

No matter if you gonna have a  special outdoor occasion /perhaps a birthday party/ or you are keen gardeners who wants to bring their gardens back up to speed, or  the garden get left to grow wild like jungle, or just clear up from one season and prepare for the next.